MD Statement

MD Statement

Statement from Shaun Simpson – Managing Director

“Onesite Solutions Limited was established as a service provider to the access engineering industry back in 2004. It was never our intention to operate as a sub contract laser cutting company. However, it became apparent that our attention to detail and product knowledge in relation to the supply of laser cut bespoke systems was being overlooked by our customers existing suppliers. This culminated in an increase in demand for laser cut parts and consequently our laser division was born. In 2010 Onesite (Laser) Limited began trading autonomously, its sole intention to supply its existing and new customers with precision laser cut components using the latest advances in cutting technology. We now operate from our new strategically situated unit in North Nottingham as a Laser cut parts provider to numerous manufacturing industries. Because we supply the manufacturer and not the end user it enables Onesite Laser to work in a trusting partnership with our customers to develop further business and make much needed cost savings. We will continually focus, develop and invest to enable Onesite to competitively react to the environments to which we are associated”

“From the individual supply on simple flat components to the design and development of complex parts and structures, Onesite (Laser) specialises in offering its customer a single sourced procurement solution.”

“Our business philosophy from the start was to focus on the individual needs of our customers and the development of trading partnerships for both lean supply management and advancement in product design. We work closely with clients taking the time to find and implement the best all round supply solution. Flexibility and a fast response enable Onesite (Laser) to consistently provide the level of service required in today’s fast track environment.”

“Our continual investment programme in the latest processing technology and the on- going training of our experienced staff help Onesite (Laser) offer a total satisfaction promise to all our customers.”
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Our Vision
Onesite Laser will Endeavour to become the leading name in the supply of laser cut and formed components.
 Laser cutting
  •  Mild Steel
  •  Stainless Steel
  •  Aluminium
  •  Brass

  •  6 Axis
  •  Full CNC
  •  High Tolerance

 Laser Marking
  •  Annealing
  •  Engrave
  •  Deep Engrave
  •  Ablation
  •  Foaming

  •  Drilling
  •  Tapping
  •  Countersinking
  •  CNC Turning
  •  CNC Machining
  •  Edge Preparation

  •  Rumbling
  •  Polishing
  •  Zinc Plating
  •  Galvanising
  •  Powder Coating
  •  Painting
  •  Anodising
  •  Chrome Plating